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Wire so cutting

1100mm wire so introduction for *1,000mm

We of quartz glass silicon material, optical materials assume cutting the main force, and assume slice processing of particularly large-scale work expertise.
By introduction of supersized wire so, is less than thickness clearance less than ±0.04, flat degree 0.04 by work of *1,000 millimeter of up to 1,100 millimeters *350 millimeter; was highly precise, and was able to slice.
The left photograph is product made by our wire so Komatsu NTC 11411 type machine

Under wire so operation for 650*550mm

Our wire so is highly precise, and it slices work using metal steel wire and abrasives of φ 0.3.
There is less loss at the time of cutting than diagram so of single blade, and slice of the multi-number of sheets is possible at a time.
Therefore we are suitable to cut and bring down much number of sheets at the same thickness from one material.
The left photograph supports to 657 model machine maximum processing size 650mm *550mm materials 400mm in length made by our wire so Komatsu NTC