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Band saw cutting

Under large-scale diagram so machine operation

We can cut materials of 1,000 millimeters of corner size by introduction of large-scale diagram so cutting machine.
Correspondence is possible according to thickness and the number to begin to talk about to slice of molding and shomaisuu of slice materials flexibly.

The left photograph is product made in Miwa diagram BM2000
Beginning to cut, slice from up to 1,000 millimeters of squared lumber charges are sectile, and blade thickness becomes 2.5mm.

Cutting of various material with large-scale multi-blade so machine

We operate a lot of multi-blade so to cut work using large number of bands and abrasives.
As for 400 millimeters of largest-scale multi-blade so machines, various thickness can slice work of *400 millimeter of *400 millimeter.

The left photograph operates four largest-scale 900 type multi-blade so machines.

We own large number of multi-blade so machine

We operate a lot of multi-blade so machines.

This processing machine can support cutting thickness flexibly, and it features section that very smooth thing, damage at the time of processing are small.
It is available for various glass and ceramics, cutting of magnetic body.

Crane is new for diagram so process

May, 2015

We founded 2t crane for exclusive use of diagram so machine BM2000.

As it came to work to the table direct top of BM2000, we came to be able to set even work of the greatest class on table quickly safely.