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Kanemoto delicate work of large-scale work cutting

Welcome to Kanemoto delicate work website.

We are located in Chikuma-shi of North Nagano, since its formation of ko*zairyo such as large size glass silicon ceramics worked on cutting, and raised technique. Of large quartz glass, silicon material which made full use of multi-wire so and multi-blade so in particular, large size glass do cutting with expertise, and plan expansion of technique and facilities to meet request of customer to the maximum.

Contribution to area

We cultivated technique in order to meet trust of customer as specialty supplier to cut since its formation based in Chikuma-shi, Nagano.
The beginning of founding of glass of 5 inches - 6 inches of size assumed cutting the main force, but expanded facilities with upsizing of recent work, and introduced large-scale band saw cutting machine and large size wire so cutting machine which specialized in cutting of large size glass. We establish the production system which considered environment appropriate for natural rich Nagano while meeting request of customer developed more and more in the future and will do.

President Takai Miyamoto

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